You will find hospitality in our guest house, and a slice of authentic countryside life outside.


We have a tourist guide on request.

We visit animals in their natural environment…

This activity opens new perspectives into the Romanian village life, where everything is simple and yet, full of meaning. The villagers are eager to tell you about their animals, how they take care of them and how we should respect them. Each animal brings daily support to every day’s agricultural work. They represent a source of food and at the same time, a source of energy because they are an essential element for the village life. In this way, feeding the animals signifies a pure moment, full of love and connection.

We make bonfires, cook and eat together with our hands…

Let’s all gather and make a bonfire! But first, we need a plan, which goes like this: we are going to Breb, hiking around to find some wood and look for the perfect spot for the bonfire. Afterwards, the ones who have got the skills, will light and take care of the fire, while the other members of our team will prepare the food. P.S. The villagers told us a little secret: the food tastes much better when we eat together! Also, don’t forget: we have some delicious vegetarian dishes!
Are you in for this adventure?

We clean the river bank and enjoy it…

Our health is influenced by how well preserved the environment is. While we dedicate some time to clean the river, in return, the river will offer us fresh mountain water. In this way, we improve our water footprint. In the end, we will understand the difference a clean and healthy nature makes, by burning all the waste we have collected from the river.

We milk the mild cows…

Through this activity we guarantee you a pure positive connection. Still, why is this activity so special? Because it is a simple and truly meaningful moment to connect with an animal and also because you can observe the results of your work immediately. Also, the ones who milk the cows are going home with a bottle of fresh milk!

We visit one or two passionate craftsmen in the village…

What can be more interesting than visiting local craftsmen? Amongsts all the crafts in Maramureș, we recall:
– Wood carving – one of the crafts Maramureș is well-known for;
– The local women who are weaving on loom traditional clothes;
– Leather and wool clothes craftmen;
– Potter masters, who create the most beautiful clay vessels;

We cut logs with the saw and test our endurance…

On your request we can organize a competition and if nobody quits for one hour, they will get a tasty treat on the house.

We knead the dough, and you get the bread, as well as the original recipe.

Our cooks are local villagers, who, as the traditions says, wouldn’t get married, if they didn’t know how to make a delicious bread. During the whole process, they will guide you and teach you some cooking and baking secrets. Nevertheless, at the end of this experience you will learn to understand the slow food concept and the importance of choosing natural ingredients.

We make the pound cake…

Likewise to the previous activity, the process of making the pound cake, will be guided by our cooks. You will bake a traditional Romanian cake, full of natural ingredients, which Romanian people serve for Christmas, Easter and other orthodox holidays. Don’t forget: you can keep the cake, unless you won’t eat it all at once!

  • Each activity takes place under the supervision of our villagers, who will show you how simple and beautiful the ancient way of enjoying life is.
  • Children under 12 years old, benefit of 50% discount and of a geniune experience.
  • Prices range between EURO 10 – EURO 25.

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