Nature has plenty of gifts for us, and this journey is about how we embrace them and tune our body, mind and soul to nature.


We have a tourist guide on request

We visit some local craftsmen

The villagers, horse and cart are ready to take us through the village to visit some craftsmen’s workshops. Either we visit a wood carver’s or a shoemaker’s shop, the river rapids or the weaving women, local traditions will unveil their endless story.

We visit the old church of Budești

Budești is a village filled with emotion and passion and you will feel this energy from the moment you get to the old church. The century-old wood, the quietness and the carefully carved gates bring peace onto any churchgoer. Afterwards, we will continue our journey towards a local craftsman’s workshop, to see what the love of hand labour really means. I will let you into a little secret… the entire journey will unfold the old fashion way, cart-driven by a villager who knows every curve like the back of his hand.

We visit a Borcut water spring

Folks in Maramureș recommend an all-natural lifestyle and take pride in the Borcut water. It is fizzy and carbonated, it contains calcium, sulphur and it can be included in the category of natural mineral waters and medical waters. It springs directly from the underground, from a small natural spring located nearby the guest house. On the side, on our way there, we’ll enjoy the view, clean air and a snack like grandma used to prepare!

Welcome to the cottage in the woods

If you liked fairytales as a child, now it’s high time to live one. We will leave the village by cart, until we enter the woods. There we will proceed by foot, in single file, enjoying the shadow of firs. You will know we have reached our destination when we stumble upon Mr. Gheorghe’s cottage. There we will eat to regain our strength and walk through the clearing to our heart’s desire.

Horse cart riding through Breb

Breb is the neighbouring village, 3 or 4 km away. It accommodates some of the best preserved and most authentic homes in Maramureș, the gates which made this land famous, traditions and a real connection to God. Country lanes are many and intricate, people are cheerful and hardworking, and trees seem to whistle a story.

We visit the old church in Breb

Everything that is old has many stories to share. It is known that Maramureș folks are faithful believers. The old church in Breb under the patronage of the “Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel” is the most noteworthy monument of this kind in the country. It was built in 1622 and is still in place today, filled with positive energy and history. What is more, its tower dates back to 1531.

We climb Gutâi Mountains up to Creasta Cocoșului

Some claim this hike is not for everyone, only for skilful mountain hikers. You need some strength to rise to the challenge, but it is worth it! Of course we will drink plenty of spring water on the way, so we’ll halt whenever necessary. As soon as we find a good spot, we will stop and divide: some will gather wood, some will start the fire, while women prepare the skewers for the grill. But we will not stop until we reach the top. There the air is different and the view, well, that’s another story. One thing I can promise: in the evening we’ll all fall flat, but with a rejuvenated body and a healthier mind.

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