Our Vision

Once upon a time, the story goes, there was a land where, once you set foot, you felt the warmth of fresh air and the kindness and energy of the people. A place where time stood still, food had taste and tradition was kept alive. This fairy-tale place lies in the heart of Maramureș, right as you enter Budești village.

We partnered with local villagers to breathe life into a new tourism, based on genuine experiences. Here, people are faithful and the simplicity of the place heals the tired urban mind. We believe in local production, thus our suppliers are the villagers themselves. At the same time, the more our community grows, the more we will be able to help out our neighbours, providing jobs or buying stuff right out of their gardens. We would like them to remain in sunny Maramureș, instead of leaving abroad to find work.

The Host

Ionuț – A good young lad, who knows everything that moves and gets anything done.

This land is blessed with healthy soil, the animal is still all-important, work is done with passion and people are present and active.


  • Ancuța – The Chef, who masters all the recipes and takes care that everything on your plate tastes the same each and every time … delicious, that is!
  • Mărioara – The most cheerful cook, who sings and dances until the bread dough rises – this is her secret!
  • Ileana – The most sober cook, who cooks for anyone like for her own flesh and blood!
  • Mimi – Young and cheerful, always paying attention to what her sister, Ancuța, tells her. She pours her heart and soul into the food and this makes it special.
  • Maria – Always with a smile upon her face, even while she is whipping the sour cream until stiff!

The Marry Man

  • Gheorghe – The man with the clever words, the health, the fine drinks and the coffee! You cannot stop laughing until your stomach hurts, but even then, he’ll bring you a healing tea and you laugh some more!

The Housemaid

  • Anca – Hardworking and minute, she will spot clean your room in the twinkling of an eye, especially if the violin is playing.


  • Ion – Young and handy, he built the children’s playground in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!
  • Vasile – Ion’s help, he is sober and calculated. But he knows all the jokes in Maramu’.
  • Mr. Ion – Restrained in the beginning but your best friend by the time you check out.