Indoor Restaurant

Your health depends on the food you eat and how natural the ingredients are. Due to the fact that we support the local producers and encourage living a simple life, each product we use, in our kitchen, comes from a villager.

We have promised to take care of everyone in our yard and we would like you to know that we keep our promises. Our cooks gladly prepare all kinds of dishes including vegetarian or vegan menus, so well suited to people who fast or to those who have chosen such a lifestyle. Please remember that the dishes are cooked with vegetables freshly picked from our own garden and with ingredients well preserved in our pantry, crafted by ourselves. Enjoy your meal!

Homemade bread

We make freshly baked bread every day. The cooks wake up early in the morning to knead the dough thoroughly, so that it rises well. This is our secret: manual work and kneading strength. After resting for at least one hour, the dough is thrown in the oven where it turns into beautiful and delicious bread!


The meat is so juicy and healthy because cows roam free most of the year, without any “stress” or barrier. Thus, they lead a natural way of life. The spring water they drink, famous for its purity, plays an important role in the cows’ nutrition.

Dairy products

We raise our own sheep and currently have more than 140 (sheep and lambs). The two shepherds take care of them like of their offspring. In terms of food, Maramureș is famous for the diversity of plants, clean air and cold rainfall, so that sheep’s food is of high quality. To obtain the cheese, the sheep milk is placed in natural curd (lamb stomach).


Vegetables are also treated with care by villagers, who exclude any chemical available on the market. They are grown by hand, and machinery is only used on a needs basis. Step 3
Life is about mindfulness and seizing the moment. This is how we party, with plenty of energy, joy and music!