Once upon a time, there was a land where, once you set foot, you felt the warmth of fresh air and the kindness and energy of the people.




Bunătăți din munte

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27 February 2019

Why we often run out of town

Phone calls over phone calls, emails, agitation, meetings and stress. That's how we could describe a "normal" life in the century of speed. But... until…
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27 February 2019

When it’s „Sunny in Maramures” we go hiking

Maramures is one of the idyllic rural regions of Romania, with a strong historical and traditional heritage. The whole essence of life is gathered around…
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27 February 2019

When health comes from nature, it’s just „Sunny in Maramures”

Maramures is the place of ancient customs, where people have understood the meaning of life through traditions, crafts and natural resources. Adopting a lifestyle based…

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