Maramures is the place of ancient customs, where people have understood the meaning of life through traditions, crafts and natural resources. Adopting a lifestyle based on simplicity and the cycles of nature, the villagers understood that its resources are both a guide to body and soul recovery.

Thus, Maramures people recommend everything that is natural and boast with the natural resources on their land. One of these resources is the mineral water spring, about which the villagers say it has beneficial effects and therapeutic properties. This type of spring is called “borcut” here and is a gift from God. Borcut gushes from numerous underground springs on the land of several villages such as Glod, Poieni, Botiza, Breb, Borşa etc. Borcut is a calcium, sulphurous, chlorotic and carbonated water, which can be categorized as natural mineral water and medicinal water. Since the elderly, the Maramures people have consumed this water to fill the need for minerals indispensable to the body or its curative effects.

From all mineral springs, one of the best-known “la borcut” places – as the locals call it, is located in the neighbouring village called Budesti, in Breboaia valley.

At times when you feel eager to experience this in the heart of nature and the village, you will find the ideal place to fulfil your desire at the entrance to Budesti village. This special place helps you enjoy in peace the simple and traditional Romanian life. Soare-n Maramures (, this special place, was built for you to enjoy at ease the simple and traditional Romanian life. Here you will enjoy not only HoReCa services but also a complex and diverse set of experiences.

Thus, hiking to the spring water is one of the experiences you can enjoy. The plan is quite simple: once you have found four companions, each one grabs one’s bag and hike the way to the spring accompanied by a guide. For three or four hours you will be in touch with nature because once you arrive at your destination, everyone will gather some branches to make a fire and prepare traditional snacks. When everyone loaded their batteries with the energy of nature and was hydrated with borcut water, the group goes back to accommodation.

Carried by the authenticity and traditions of the place you will be revealed the rest of the secrets of the area and the village. However, locals know a secret: when nature gives you health for the body and the soul, there can only be sun and light everywhere.

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