Maramures is one of the idyllic rural regions of Romania, with a strong historical and traditional heritage. The whole essence of life is gathered around this village, and the visitors of these lands have the unique opportunity to make an incursion in time, in a simple and archaic life. In Maramures, the villagers became the keepers of tradition, authentic crafts and moral values. Along the village, the stately wooden churches rise, alongside the proud Maramures gates, also known as the heraldry of the region. Thus, the tradition of wood is still alive and every Maramures citizen takes proud in it.

Hand-woven clothing is also proudly worn, no matter the celebration because the Maramureş folk garb includes numerous notes of sobriety, beauty and abundance in the woven patterns.

Maramureş is blessed with a lot of cultural, natural and craft attractions. Time seems to be in frozen in Maramureş and life is guided by the cycles of nature knitted into the spiritual life of the villagers. Whether it’s time for sowing, for mowing, for Easter, for harvesting or for Christmas preparations, the Maramures people celebrate with all their enthusiasm, humbly bend their heads for prayer, but also enjoy dancing and the traditions of the place they were born in.

And if you are eager for authentic experiences in the soul of the village or feel that you have to take a break from the daily routine at the entrance to Budesti village you will find a place like a fairy tale where customs, traditions and energy have been preserved for centuries.

Together with the villagers, a group of people rushed by the wish of a simple and quiet life decided to build new tourism based on authentic experiences. The people from Soare-n Maramureș created this special place to enjoy a healthy land, local products, tradition, quiet and time to fully relish the simplicity of life. At Soare-n Maramureş you will enjoy not only HoReCa services but also a complex and diverse set of experiences. Hiking and visits to the craftsmen are just two of these experiences.

The adventure begins in a rustic way: riding on a carriage through the village and walking slowly along it. On your way, you will have the chance to admire the picturesque houses and feel the traditional atmosphere. For 3-4 hours you will embark on a journey of Romanian longing and sense, where the guides will be the skilled craftsmen. They will show you how to carve wood, how to make Romanian shoes and other elements from the traditional folk garb. Then you will visit the natural whirlpool: the place where the village women weave, keeping alive the tradition forgotten in other parts of the country.

You can continue this adventure in the soul of Maramures if you want to, by riding the carriage to the famous part of Breb, the place where the traditional village and its architecture was preserved. Throughout the four or five hours spent on hiking, you will be able to enjoy, together with at least 4 adventurers, the way most authentic houses in Maramures and their famous gates have been preserved. The many narrow streets are filled with cheerful and hard-working locals, who will show you that happiness lies in simple things.

There is much to tell, but the real charm feels when you are living in the moment and you let yourself carried by the energy of the place. But one thing is certain: at the end of the day, you will know that when you go hiking the sun is the best guide. He guides you all day, and then he stays in your heart, followed by the warmest souls and smiles of the villagers.

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