Phone calls over phone calls, emails, agitation, meetings and stress. That’s how we could describe a “normal” life in the century of speed. But… until when? And… with what costs? For sure we can’t keep up like this forever! We experience the effects of all that on our health. Doctors, pains, drugs? What do we do when we can’t do it anymore? We escape!

At Soare-n Maramureş we made a peaceful realm for detachment, one in which relaxation is the master and healthy habits reign. We like food, so we made sure that our cooks are carefully chosen. Skilled in REAL Romanian recipes, they conquer you from the first bite. However, we do not recommend running to sleep after a meal. The elders in the village say that if you get sleepy the best is to move. A walk on the hills near the guest house alongside Călin, our quadruped friend, is the best choice. The colourful landscapes, the strong air and the sound of birds make you want more.

Once you get very tired, you can take a dip in the saltwater pail for 20 minutes. The water is naturally salted, brought from Ocna Sugatag. Its therapeutic effects recommend it: from rheumatic, digestive or bony problems, it helps to eliminate pain and even heal. The water gets heated so you would not be cold and it’s ready! You can enjoy the mountain spa! When you’re done with the pail, you can move directly into the jacuzzi or bubbles tub as we call it. This ritual promises you a long night of deep sleep. In the morning you’ll be as good as new! Mark my words!

As we love to move, we also found a guide to walk you through all corners of beautiful Maramures. Are you ready to be healthy again?

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